Stax Chicago Reviews the Newest Amazon Go Location

Unless you’ve been wearing an aluminum foil hat on your head for the last couple years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the growth and diversification of Amazon. From the Alexa AI system to the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon Go is the most recent innovation from Amazon intending to revolutionize the grocery store experience.

Amazon Go serves as more of a fast casual, healthy convenience store type of location than as a traditional grocery store. Instead of fresh produce, the aisles are lined with pre-made soups, salads, sandwiches, and other goodies for the health conscious. To enter the store, one must download the Amazon Go app and log-in with their Amazon account.

In the store, a system of sensors and cameras track items that are moved from their locations. Near the store entrance/exit, a system of scanners track which items are being taken out of the store. Shortly afterward the app sends a receipt charging you for whatever items you removed.

We asked our fellow Staxers to review their experiences at the newly opened Amazon Go location in the bottom of the Illinois Center, home to Stax Chicago.

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