A Breath of Fresh Air in the Investment Landscape

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Investment Landscape

A dynamic roadmap for investors, philanthropists, nonprofits, and governments interested in improving population health, reducing environmental pollution, and addressing climate change

Air pollution impacts the health of millions of people and contribute to climate change. Increasing consumer and government interest in local air quality combined with advancements in technology and reduced cost of measuring air quality with collectively lead to increased growth within the air quality measurement sector. The results will deliver better offerings for individual and government customers, cleaner air, profitable companies, and positive returns for investors.

Stax Inc. conducted this study with four specific audiences in mind: investors, for-profit company executives, government, and nonprofits. Consistent with Stax’s approach in ecosystem analyses, market landscapes and market opportunity assessments, and commercial due diligence, and in partnership with industry specialist Tim Dye of TD Environmental Services, LLC, the Stax team took the following approach:

  • Extensive secondary research and analysis across the sector, reviewing 168 companies globally in addition to the investment firms, strategic investors, government programs, and nonprofits backing those companies.

  • Targeted primary research, interviewing more than 30 industry participants, including CEOs, government representatives, and nonprofit executives.

  • Of the 168 companies identified, the team took a deeper dive into 85 U.S.-based companies and divided those into subcategories.

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