Private Equity

Stax has more than two decades of experience working across the private equity and investment landscape.

We’re told that we have a good bedside manner and consistently bring content and insights to deal teams and management who are busy running the day-to-day operations of their companies. For deal teams, we can become an extension of the team, helping determine whether an investment makes sense, developing a fact base for conviction or aversion, and providing leverage on key questions. For management teams, we can assist their teams determine key opportunities and avoid or discontinue unprofitable efforts, simultaneously being inclusive on the engagement and respective of their time, so they can stay focused on their day job.

Stax’s data-driven framework for acquisition screening blends strategic thinking, a defined research approach, and common-sense practicality to produce actionable results fast.
Stax delivers commercial due diligence engagements with speed, transparency, and the collaboration necessary to provide the right assistance in a deadline-driven deal situation.
Post-close is the best time to take the learnings of diligence a step further and put them to work.
Stax offers a build and transfer OR build and operate model to deliver a unique take on data and analytics to quickly provide data-driven, actionable insights.
Stax works with management teams to provide substantive leverage in preparing companies for exit — whether the exit is expected in three years or even three months.