Stax works across the education ecosystem with deep experience in all its major segments — from pre-K to executive and professional training.

We have more than two decades of experience in core issues faced by nonprofit and for-profit educational institutions, individual corporations, and industries with diverse training needs. We create data-driven insights on technology adoption and usage, funding levels, special needs, educational services, credentialing, and other broad education trends including ongoing work to improve education at a societal level.

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Types of Engagements
Identify and prioritize growth opportunities for local and global education markets, trends, and competitive landscape.
Assess markets, trends, customers, segments, competition, products, and current innovation within the education space.
Transform processes/systems through in-depth knowledge of the education technology ecosystem.
Formulate new market and go-to-market strategy; position and define brand, pricing, and channel strategy; and streamline sale cycle processes/effectiveness.
Leverage internal and external data to identify go-forward opportunities for profit and process improvement within the education landscape.
Provide advisory support as education companies are using M&A to scale, including portfolio analysis, commercial due diligence, acquisition screens and framework development, exit strategy and sale preparation.