Stax works throughout the healthcare ecosystem, with deep experience in all its major sectors.

We create clarity and actionable insights into the complex and ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem providing advice to corporations and private equity clients on growth and M&A, changing market dynamics, reimbursement trends, and operational improvements. We are passionate about better health and healthcare and help our clients uncover high-value opportunities that improve patient outcomes, as well as the bottom line.

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Types of Engagements
Identify and prioritize growth opportunities; assess resource allocation and optimization within the healthcare space.
Assess markets, trends, customers, segments, competition, modeling and forecasting volumes, insurance flows, and payor mix.
Find opportunities to utilize technology and automation to increase efficiency and profitability.
Leverage internal and external data to identify go-forward opportunities for profit and process improvement across the healthcare landscape.
Formulate new market and go-to-market strategy; position and define brand, pricing, and channel strategy; and streamline sale cycle processes/effectiveness.
Provide advisory support at every stage of M&A within healthcare, including portfolio analysis, commercial due diligence, acquisition screens and framework development, exit strategy and sale preparation.