social Impact

Why social Impact

At Stax, measurable social impact is woven into our every day. We are thought leaders and generate independent research and offer our own unique insights on a wide-variety of topics, industries, and concerns. We take on nonprofit clients in a unique manner and support our communities on a local level. We also see tremendous opportunities to solve critical social issues through a for-profit, double-bottom line model. At the end of the day, we prefer sustainable impact to short-term results.


We generate independent research and insights on global subjects of interest, with an emphasis on identifying root causes of troubling situations and how best to drive better outcomes with lower cost.

Insights to Scale E-Reader Technology in K-12 Education
A national study of e-reader implementation in schools along with best practices from focused on-the-ground experience — invaluable to any executive in communicating with employees, customers, and investors.
Killing the Electric Car…Again!
Identifying root cause challenges for electric vehicles, opportunities in the utility industry, and the potential profit by getting it right.
Checking Under the Hood in Congress
A clean analysis of a government initiative, with a quantitative way to measure the national impact and potential for better use.
Stax Partners with The Association of Art Museum Directors for 2017 Salary Survey
Stax was pleased to partner with The Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) on the release of AAMD’s 2017 Salary Survey
Impact Investing:
Speaking with, Stax CEO Rafi Musher and Edco CEO Avi Daman (a Stax DevCorp company) discuss Edco and trends in impact investing.
The New Yorker Profiles BeneStream: A Social Venture Developed by Stax DevCorp
This recent article in The New Yorker highlights real needs for a lot of the working population and a social venture solution developed by Stax’s DevCorp.
Revenue Generation: Fresh Ideas to Help Your Nonprofit Raise Funds
Nonprofit organizations are engaged in a zero-sum game, with more parties competing for a limited philanthropic pie cut into increasingly smaller slices. It’s time to change the game.
Getting More From Your Philanthropy: Using Social Ventures and PRIs Within Your Portfolio
Our first social venture used a PRI in 2012 and I invested with my first PRI in 2013 at the age of 45. I don’t think you need to wait to be innovative in driving social benefit — in fact — you need to be impatient, rather than patient.

On a select basis, Stax takes on nonprofit clients in a unique manner; in addition, we support many community-based organizations and encourage our team’s efforts in a variety of ways.


We launch social ventures via Stax Development Corporation (DevCorp), because we see tremendous opportunities to solve critical social issues through a for-profit, double-bottom line model. DevCorp creates partnerships, joint ventures, and buy/build investment strategies to address critical market needs identified by Stax’s strategic consulting practice. We generally seek to partner with our clients to capitalize on these opportunities.


Edco is putting a development office in the back pocket of every student and volunteer fundraiser, team, club, and school — creating an important and fun educational experience for students. “Ask smart, and ye shall receive.”


Benestream helps employers and unions access available government benefits for employees and union members.

ULTRA Testing

ULTRA Testing is an innovative software testing company that employs individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders who have the exact skills needed to be exceptional software testers.


We provide money and services to support non-profit organizations about which we are passionate.

Bronx Lab School (BLS), New York
Since 2008, Stax has worked with this public school as part of NYC’s small schools program. Stax has provided everything from pro-bono support on improving operations, running events, raising funds and contributing funds directly, to assisting in implementing major technology upgrades for the school. Most recently Stax initiated, financed, and helped implement a pilot e-reader program for the 9th grade which is now expanding
Army Emergency Relief, U.S.
AER’s sole mission is to help soldiers and their dependents. Stax assists AER financially and communicates their excellent work to colleagues and business partners.
Global Startup Labs (GSL)
Stax Colombo, in partnership with MIT, advises teams in the GSL competition in Sri Lanka. This competition creates opportunities for technology entrepreneurs in developing countries.