Business Services

Today, more than half the economy is based on services. With technology advances and changes in consumer and business behaviors, the services sector presents plenty of both risk and growth opportunities.

More companies today are migrating from pure product or service offerings to hybrid business models in order to succeed. Stax helps clients capitalize on the larger trends of B2B and consumer-facing service businesses. We identify opportunities and the best use of capital to drive growth and improve performance and assist clients to better understand emerging risks, threats, and opportunities to expand service offerings.

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Types of Engagements
Identify opportunities for organic and inorganic growth, and joint ventures; determine profitability by segment and by customer; discover unmet needs, untapped pockets of opportunity within business services.
Assess markets, trends, customers, segments, competition, products, and current innovation across the business services landscape.
Spot opportunities to utilize technology and automation to increase efficiency and profitability.
Leverage internal and external data to identify go-forward opportunities for profit and process improvement within business services.
Formulate new market and go-to-market strategy; position and define brand, pricing, and channel strategy; conduct multi-country market analysis to prioritize best geographic opportunities; and streamline sale cycle processes/effectiveness.
Provide advisory support at every stage of M&A within business services, including portfolio analysis, commercial due diligence, acquisition screens and framework development, exit strategy and sale preparation.